How to treat razor burns

Razor burns are a result of shaving. There are many causes, which include shaving dry (with no shaving cream or an insufficient way of protecting the skin during shaving), shaving in a hurry, shaving with a dull blade, applying to much pressure on the blade or repetitive passing over an area of the skin. The too close contact or the repetitive contact of a blade with the skin can cause a rash (usually mild) with a pink or red color. Fortunately, in most cases, the irritation doesn’t last more than a day or two. Sometimes, burning or itching sensations and raised bumps (called pseudofollicultis barbae) can also occur.

To avoid razor burns, it is important to use the right shaving cream for you skin, a proper razor or a good electric razor. But if you are dealing with a painful rash, read more to find out how to treat razor burns.

First, if you are having a bad day and experiencing some razor burns, avoid scratching the red or pink area, as you will only further irritate the rash, and possibly cause an infection, which is much worst than a simple skin irritation. Put some cool wet and clean towels on the razor burns. Avoid at all cost putting cologne or some aftershave on that area, as the alcohol they contain will cause you some pain and irritate the skin further.

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Second, use an aloe vera gel or emollient cream to soothe the skin. Try to use natural products and scent free creams or gels. If the itching or burning sensation is severe, you can use a cortisone cream that will help with the redness and discomfort (consult with your doctor if you need more information about the cortisone cream).

Third, remember that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Which means you should really prevent razor burns rather than treating them. Exfoliation, moisturizing and the use of a sharp blade or a good electric shaver are part of razor burns prevention. For more tricks, make sure to read our detailed section about razor burns prevention.

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