How to prevent razor burns in 5 steps

You have probably suffered the pain of a razor burn at least once in our life. If razor burns seem to be part of your daily life, these tips may be a good addition to the right shaving techniques to avoid or reduce the chances or razor burns.

1. Exfoliation. This is crucial steps. Before you shave, take a hot shower, wash your face in warm water or apply a hot towel to your face. This will help soften your skin and your facial hair and open up your pores. Then make sure to scrub your face with a loofah or any type of facial scrub tool/lotion. The scrubbing action will help remove any excess of dead skin, allowing the ingrown hair to pop out, hence reducing the burns and rash.

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A sharpe blade is a good way to prevent razor burns.

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2. Use shaving shaving cream. A good shaving gel or shaving cream is preferred over soap. The shaving cream will create a think lather that will protect your skin while allowing for a close shave. If you have a sensitive skin, avoid the use of shaving products containing menthol, which can numb the skin, making it harder for you to determine how much pressure you are putting on the razor.

3. Use a sharp blade. Dull blades can cause razor burns because they force you to apply more pressure on the razor in order to obtain a good shave or force you to pass the razor over the same area numerous times. Change the blade of your manual shaver or the head of your best electric razor every regularly, as instructed by the manufacturer. Clean your manual or electric shaver blades to keep it clean and like new at all time. A clean blade will work a gazillion times better than a dirty blade.

4. Shave with the grain, unless advised otherwise by the manufacturer. Shaving with the grain will decrease the chances of irritation. When shaving, make sure not too apply too much pressure and avoid passing over the same area over and over again as you are removing a small layer of skin each time (this is why having a sharp blade is important).

5. Moisturize. A step usually well taken care by women, but too often forgotten by men. Moisturizing your skin will keep it soft and will help promote healing your skin. If you have a sensitive skin, look for alcohol free lotions as it will make your skin sting and increase the irritation. Products containing aloe vera are great for irritated or sensitive skin.

Finally, be careful. Don’t shave in a hurry, make sure the blade you use is clean to avoid the chance of infection if you happen to cut yourself, don’t cheap out by using soap instead of shaving cream or gel, especially if you know that you have a sensitive skin.

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