How to choose a shaving cream

When resorting to manual razors, shaving cream is men’s best friend. A good shaving cream will allow you to not look like you rubbed your face in barbed wire during an undercover military mission and will give you a very close shave, and, in some cases, avoiding you to look like a cave men by lunch time.

However, did you know that selecting a good shaving cream is just as important as using shaving cream? Too many men see the purchase of a shaving cream as a thoughtless mission. However, it important for you to choose the right facial product for you skin.

How to choose a shaving cream tips

Type of skin

First of all, know your type of skin. Is your face more on the oily or dry side. If you have an oily skin, it would be better for you to choose a product containing a mild astringent to remove the excess of oil. Excess facial oil can mix with your facial hair causing your razor to clog more easily.

On the other hand, if your skin face tends to be more dry, you should look for a shaving cream that contains a moisturizer lotion. The lack of protective oil on dry skin will cause razor burns and increase the chances of skin nicks.

Skin problems? Consult a professional!

If you notice some recurring irritation, try changing your shaving cream. If the irritation is not going away or your notice other skin conditions, consult a dermatologist or other skin care professional that can help giveyou some professional advices on what can be the cause of your skin problems and what types of shaving creams or tips on how to eliminate, avoid or at least reduce the problem.

Other options you may want to look into are:

Choosing a shaving cream for sensitive skin

You don’t need to have a sensitive skin to choose the sensitive skin formula. As a matter of fact, the sensitive formula are the best choice for any type of skin. The sensitive skin formula contains less chemicals and tend to have more natural ingredients that are much better for your skin overall.

Choosing a shaving cream that foams

Some men likes the foaming creams, others prefer the gliding cream. Remember that if you have a sensitive facial skin, the foaming shaving creams tend to have more chemicals that may not be good for your skin.

Choosing a shaving cream with scents

Again, if you are known to have a sensitive skin, try to opt for the scentless creams, as they contains less ingredients, therefore reducing the chances of irritation. But if your skin doesn’t mind the nice scents, your wife won’t either!

Best Shaving Creams

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