Avoiding Electric Shaver Irritation

Dryness and rash after using your electric shaver?

razorburnWhen used properly, an electric shaver can really cut down on the amount of time you spend shaving, as well as giving you an extremely close shave. But, as with manual shaving, you are not immune to skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Luckily, this can be avoided quite easily, and you can enjoy a smooth, comfortable shave without any annoying shaver burns or general discomfort. Try following some of these simple guidelines, and see if they help you out next time.

Prevent shaver irritation by:

1) First thing is obviously to get a high quality electric razor. If you’re using a cheap, poor quality shaver will dull blades, there’s no avoiding electric shaver irritation. YOu get what you pay for. The better electric razors are self sharpening, and dispense gel lubricants while shaving.

2) It’s often a good idea to soften your beard a bit before shaving. Soak your face with a towel and some warm water, or better yet, shave after taking a shower. The hot water will soften your beard considerably and make for a much smoother shaver. If you’re in a hurry, there are also alcohol based pre-shaves available, but some people find they irritate the skin.

3) Depending on what kind of look you’re going for, adjust your shaver for hair length. People who are just looking to trim and maintain their beards won’t be cutting close to the skin at all. The closer the shave, the more chance you’ll be suffering get an electric shaver burn.

4) Use your fingers to guide the razor, examining the skin first and checking the direction of hair growth, because it’s not uniform across your face. Stretch your skin out gently and shave against the direction of your hair growth for optimal shaving. Be careful, you want to try and shave an area properly in your first pass. If you have to revisit an area on your face more than once, you’re running a significant risk for razor burn. Be gentle as well, don’t push down on your skin.


You can’t completely avoid the possibility of electric shaver irritation, but you can minimize the odds of it occurring. Get yourself a good quality shaver, with sharp blades and a built-in shaving gel dispenser, and you’re likely to get a nice close shave without any problems.

By Michael S.  Find more shaving tips, visit Best Electric Shaver.

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