What is an electric razor burn?

Suffering from electric razor burns?

razorburnRazor burn irritation is a common problem for just about anybody who shaves regularly. I’m sure most have or have experienced it at some point in your lives, some more often than others. Nicks, cuts, a burning sensation and redness on the skin are all symptoms of electric razor burn. People with sensitive skin are especially prone to it, and it can be extremely annoying to deal with. Showing up to work with cuts all over your face, or redness can be extremely embarrassing. Bad cases of razor burn can be accompanied with ‘razor bumps’ or ‘Pseudofolliculitis barbae‘, which can make the skin itchy and red, with little pimples all over. These can become inflamed or infected.

How do I get razor burn?

It’s very easy to get razor burn if you’re not careful when you’re shaving. Using a low quality razor is usually the biggest culprit, as the blades can be rusty and dull. This causes a lot of friction on your skin. Make sure to use a good quality razor, which is replaced regularly. Additionally, you can minimize burn by applying lubricants, and warm water to your skin before shaving.

Many people like to use aftershave or cologne after shaving, which doesn’t help if they have sensitive skin. These can often make the problem a lot worse by drying out your skin.

Shaving too closely, applying too much pressure, or repeatedly shaving the same area are also major sources of the problem. Many people are tempted to press the razor against the skin strongly, or revisit an area on their face to get a closer, cleaner shave, especially if they’re in a hurry. Take your time to shave properly.

How can I treat it?

If you’re already suffering from electric razor burn, there are a variety of home remedies you can use to alleviate the irritation. Apply something cool and soothing to the affected area. You want to look for something like a moisturizer, which will help relieve the symptoms and dryness that occurs on the skin.

An aloe vera gel and based moisturizer does the job very well. See if you can find an aftershave cream that contains aloe vera. If you can’t find that, a washcloth soaked in cold water with a little witch hazel works well.

The most obvious way would be to not shave as often. Give your face time to rest.

By Michael S. for Best Electric Shaver.

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