5 shaving mistakes men do

Too often, men tend to be careless when it comes to shaving. Breakouts, irritation, rash, nicks and cuts can all possible effects of shaving. There are many ways to reduce or eliminate those problems. Interested in learning more? Read the following.

1. Use soap instead of a quality shaving product when shaving with a manual shaver. Shaving creams were made to decrease irritation after shaving. A good shaving cream/soap/gel will create a thicker layer than regular soap that will protect your skin better from the sharp razor, and often contains the necessary moisturizer that will soften your skin or cleanser that will remove the excess of oil that may interfere with your shaver. If you are using a best electric shaver, most electric razor have to be used dry. However, some electric shavers, such as the Panasonic ES8249S Arc IV Nanotech Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver, can also be used with shaving cream,which helps to nearly eliminate the irritation some people with more sensitive skin may experience even with a good electric shaver.

2. Shave too quickly after waking up. If you are the type to wake up at the very last second in the morning and to leave yourself just enough time to shave, brush your teeth and run to work, you probably need to rethink your routine, especially if you notice some irritation after shaving. Did you know that it is best to shave about 20 minutes after waking up? In the morning, your skin tend to be puffier and more swollen because, as your are sleeping, the blood circulation is decreased in the body. This skin condition makes it more difficult to have a close shaving, and makes it especially difficult to get the shorter and smaller hairs.

3. Not replacing the shaving blades or electric shaver head often enough. Don’t cheap out on razor blades and electric shaver heads. Change the razors accordingly to the manufacturer’s instructions, or even more often if you shave twice a day! The key to a close shaving nearly free of irritation is the use of proper grooming material, such as a sharp blade. The use of a dull blade will force your to pass over the same twice, three times, four times… and to put more pressure on the razor, causing the razor to come in closer contact with your skin and not only your hair, hence leading to more irritation and rashes.

4. Not cleaning their razor or electric razor blade after each shaving. Even if you are in a hurry, you always have 20 seconds to spare to fully clean your shaver. Pass it under cold water and wipe it with a clean towel. A razor is a reservoir of germs, which can contribute to more irritation and possibly to infections in case of cuts. Most best electric shavers have the convenience of having an auto-clean option that will fully clean your precious shaver at the press of a button.

5. Not exfoliating. Some men perceive exfoliating as a girly thing to do. But hey, exfoliating doesn’t necessary means you have to use the bells and whistles of a fancy exfoliating mask, but is rather an integral part of your skin care. Exfoliation will help bring out the ingrown hair and get rid of the dead skin. Before you shave, simply scrub your face with a loofah or a facial scrub. And for your personal knowledge, exfoliation will also prevent breakouts, allow the skin of your face to renew faster and will help maintain an adequate amount of oil, which will decrease shaving burns over time.

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