Review of the Panasonic Pro Curve Double Blade ES4026NC

Panasonic Pro Curve Double Blade ES4026NC

Value electric shaver with some shortcomings

Panasonic Pro Curve Double Blade ES4026NC

I purchased the Panasonic Pro Curve Double Blade ES4026NC and have been using it for a few weeks now, and now that I’ve made enough use of it, I think I can give it a fair review. I’ve always been a faithful Remington customer, but reviews of the latest products weren’t great and my father-in-law highly recommended me to try a Panasonic electric shaver. Obviously, I will be comparing a lot to my old Braun shavers, which I’ve been accustomed to for over 10 years.



I must say that the first thing that pushed me to try this shaver (other than it’s low cost and my father-in-law) is the wet/dry feature. I really like having the option of choosing between shaving or… well anywhere you can think of.  My Braun shaver did not have that option. And I must say that I realized how much better I prefer to shave in the shaver. The hot water helps the shave to glide more smoothly on my face and neck. I tried shaving dry a few times, but my preference certainly goes to wet shaving. However, it is nice to have the dry option when you need to do a small-touch up only. And clean-up of this best electric shaver is fantastic : remove the cap and clean the blade under running water.


I haven’t try the newest Brauns, but I find that the ES4026NC gives me a shave that is much closer than any other electric shavers I’ve own in the past, almost as close as a razor blade I have to say!


The ES4026NC has an ergonomic design, a gives a very natural feel when you hold it while shaving. One criticism : the anti-slip rubber material does not cover where I hold the shaver, it seems to cover mostly the sides of the  razor, while I hold the razor on the front and back (I just find it easier to control the shaver this way).


This is the area where the Panasonic Pro Curve Double Blade ES4026NC lacks the most.  This model has a nickel cadmium batter which are known to lose their charge if they are not fully depleted of power before being recharged. I also thought this shaver gives me less shaving per charge (half the number of shaves compared to my older Braun). And last, you can’t use a cord for shaving if your battery is dead – the shaver sits directly on the charger without any cord, which can be an annoyance when you are in a hurry. However, if you upgrade to more sophisticated models, they seem to all have a quick 5 minutes charge.


The 90 degree angle pop-up trimmer can be used for trimming beards, sideburns or mustaches. I find the trimmer to be a little bit oddly angled and prefer by far the trimmer on my old Braun.


I think that the Panasonic Pro Curve Double Blade ES4026NC is a great little electric razor, good value and is great if you travel a lot (lightweight and doesn’t take much space in your suitcase). Of course, the shaver has its little imperfections, but, overall and for the price, it does the job and I recommend using it wet with shaving cream.

By Simon G., for Best Electric Shaver.

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