Panasonic Close Curves Wet Dry Ladies Shaver – Reviews

Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver

Panasonic Close Curves Pivot Action Ladies Shaving SystemThe Panasonic Close Curves Wet Dry Ladies Shaver features a pivoting head very sharp hypoallergenic blades that offer a smoother and closer shave. A pop-up trimmer will trim away the longer hair before the shave, and the convenient bikini attachment allows for different lengths. This best women’s electric shaver is fully immersible which makes cleaning more easy. Safe to us in shower or tub, let’s see what the ladies who tried it have to say.

Panasonic Close Curves Wet Dry Ladies Shaver – Reviews by

Reviewer: Natalie from Boston, Ma (04/04/2010)
5 stars A very pretty electric shaver really easy to use
I rate the Panasonic Close Curves electric razors a rating of 5.0 out of 5. I felt that this electric shaver had everything I needed : a good shave and a good trimmer.
Best thing about it: The awesome color that will keep any men from using it…
Least liked: None
The Panasonic Close Curves Wet Dry Ladies Shaver is very durable and so pretty! I’ve never purchased an electric razor before (manually shaved), but because I started traveling extensively for work, I didn’t feel comfortable shaving in the tub of the hotel. This is the first electric shaver that I’ve owned, and I am more than pleased with it. I can bring it with me when I travel and allows me to do quick retouch in the morning. The pivoting head is awesome and overall, this razor provide me with a great shave and save me lots of shaving time.

Reviewer: Lily from Nashville, Tn (12/05/2010)
3 stars Shaver provide good look, without the smooth touch
I give this electric shaver an overall review of 3.0 out of 5. This women’s electric shaver has a decent quality and performance and a great durability.
Best thing about it: The electric razors hold the charge very well and is affordable
Least liked: Only okay finish (not the smooth touch I was expecting)
Overall, I liked the shaver because it is convenient. Being wet and dry, I can use it in the shower, in the tub, without the worry of getting a shock. I find that it provides a quick shave. I like to use it on the legs and under the arms, however, not great on the bikini area. It comes with a pop-trimmer, which is a nice feature, but I felt that the shaver lacked the smooth touch I was looking for.

Reviewer: Mandy from Toronto, On (04/06/2010)
5 stars Affordability with good results
Best thing about it: Affordable
Least liked: none
Being a Remington customer for so many years, I was hesitant to try this Panasonic women’s electric shaver. But after reading the Panasonic Close Curves Wet Dry Ladies Shaver  reviews on, I decided to give this baby a try after my last Remington was more than disappointing. I have only used this electric shaver for a few days, but, so far, I am very satisfied with the results. Not scratch, no irritation, I even recommended the product to my sister.

Reviewer: Suze from Seattle, Wa (01/04/2010)
4 stars Good alternatives to the disposable razors
Best thing about it: Colors, trimmer, bikini attachment
Least liked: Shave not as close as blades…
I have been switching between blades and electric razors for the last decade and I have to say that it is the first time that I am really impressed with an electric shaver. I always found the other shavers to scrape my legs and underarms (ouch!), but the Panasonic Wed/Dry shaver gives a super close shave on the legs, underarm and bikini and I have not suffered from any razor burn ever since. I still shave with a regular razor, and use this electric shaver for quick touch-ups.  Plus, the cost of blades for the Venus and Gillette shavers being so high, I find that it is starting to cost me a lot to shave with regular blades, so this is a fabulous affordable alternative.

One star deduction for a shave that is not as smooth as manual shaving, but everything else exceeded my expectation. Would purchase again!

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