A review of the Panasonic Close Curves Razor

Panasonic Close Curves Razor for women

Affordable, greener than disposable razors with a smooth shave

Panasonic Close Curves Pivot Action Ladies Shaving System

The Panasonic Close Curves razor is a wet dry shaver. You can bring this electric shaver for women directly in the bathtub with you and is fully immersible. This gives you so much more flexibility compared to dry shavers, giving you a quick and convenient shave with the results you want. This Panasonic shaver for women has a nice curve to go close on more difficult to shave areas, such as the knees, the ankles, the bikini line. The bikini line, which is often hard to shave or trim, especially with disposable razors, can easily be done with the pop-up trimmer. This pop-up trimmer allow you to get those longer or stray hairs as well as those areas along the bikini line. In addition, the three floating heads will allow for the closest most comfortable shave. In other words, no more razor burns, no more cuts, no more gauging the skin, no more rash, the blades are hypoallergenic and totally nickel free.

You can use the Panasonic Close Curves Razor in the bathtub, in the shower, wet, dry, even with your favorite shaving gel or cream. The shaver is rechargeable and comes with a compact space saving charger which is connected directly onto the wall. The charger is placed on top of the charger, with no long cord, and offers you up to 7 shaves in only one charge, allowing you to shave an entire week without having to recharge your razor.

To clean this electric razor, simply pop the top off and rinse the blades under running water, which makes it almost maintenance free.

With the cost of quality razor blades like Gillette skyrocketing, women’s electric shavers are in high demand, and the Panasonic Close Curves Razor is a product that will give you the result you want.

What I like: This shaver is sold at a great price, offers a convenient dry or wet shave, offers a fairly close shave (ok not as shave as razor blades, but pretty close!), creates no razor burns or irritation, is hypoallergenic, saves water and produces less waste.

What I dislike: The switches tend to be a little bit difficult to use when the shaver is wet, making it difficult to handle the razor.

Tips: Avoid putting too much pressure when you shave, do light movements over your skin. For better results, try using a shaving cream.

Overall, the Panasonic Close Curves Razor is a good choice all around and a good tool to have.

By Nat Young, for Best Electric Shaver.

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