3 Best Eyebrow Trimmers

What’s an eyebrow trimmer?

It would be nice if the only hair we had to deal with was on our heads, but the truth is that for most people they’re unhappy with just about all the hair on their body. Many women look for ways to sculpt their eyebrows into sleek, well groomed lines. Unfortunately for most, they usually end up plucking out most of the hair with tweezers and then penciling in their ideal eyebrow shape. With a good trimmer on hand, you should be able get the look you want, while maintaining that soft natural look to your eyebrows. In this post, we’ll describe how to pick out the features you need and identify the best eyebrow trimmer from the junk on the market.

How to choose an eyebrow trimmer

Most of the time, selection between trimmers comes down to quality and feature set. Many eyebrow trimmers come with additional features, allowing you to groom other unwanted hair such as peach fuzz, ear hair and nasal hair, and darker hairs above your lip and on your chin.

Are you just looking for something to help shape your eyebrows, or do you need something to also help remove unwanted hair elsewhere? You’ll have to decide what features you would like (or need) and which you can do without.

What’s the best eyebrow trimmer?

» Best eyebrow trimmer for her

As a lady who’s needed the absolute best eyebrow trimmer (and not to mention other trimmers) to keep her hair at bay, I can easily provide recommendations to some really great trimmers.

Panasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Head Facial GroomerPanasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Head Facial Groomer

This is my absolute favorite, I can certainly attest to the quality and durability of the Pansaonic ES2113PC. It’s a great all around tool to help trim your eyebrows, since it’s lightweight and has a small pivoting head that follows the grooves and contours of your face closely. I’ve found that many shavers often pluck the hairs out instead of cutting them, but this one does a wonderful job. Even better, it can be used in a pinch to trim other areas like your bikini line since it’s so sensitive on your skin.

» Best eyebrow trimmer for him

Guys, we did not forget about you. You will love the following:

Perfect Detail Precision Trimmer
Perfect Detail Precision Trimmer with 2 Heads & Combs
Andis 13430 Platinum Personal Trimmer
Andis 13430 Platinum Personal Trimmer

These are two fantastic trimmers as well, as they can be used anywhere on your body. Wahl and Panasonic make eyebrow trimmers as well, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to have been able to make brow trimmers as good as they do for beard trimmers. Overall though, both the Perfect Detail Precision trimmer and the Andis 13430 Platinum trimmer are stylish and slender trimmers, perfect for touching up your eyebrows.

By Nat, for Best Electric Shaver.

Top 10 Beard Trimmers – readers vote

Andis Professional 04710 one of our top 10 beard trimmersIn this post we’re going to discuss the top 10 beard trimmers for the year. We put up a poll recently asking our readers for their opinions on what the best beard trimmers on the market were, and we got a lot of feedback. Thank you all for contributing, this list would have been a lot different without your contributions. We’ve compiled a list of all the top picks, and we think you’ll be very happy with the end result. All you guys with scraggly, unkept beards out there can breathe a sigh of relief. So, without further adieu, here are our picks for the top 10 beard trimmers, based on a number of criteria including price, quality, and overall value.


Top 10 beard trimmers, readers favorite

1. Wahl Trimmer All-In-One Lithium Ion ← Best Overall

2. Wahl 9876-2001 Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer with Rotating Head

3. Andis Professional 04710 T-Outliner Personal Trimmer

4. Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer

5. Philips Norelco G480 All-in-One Premium Grooming Kit

6. Philips Norelco T980 Turbo Vacuum Trimmer

7. Philps Norelco QT4021 Stubble Trimmer

8. Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer ← Great value

9. Philips Norelco T780 Rechargeable Vacuum Trimmer

10.Wahl 9876-536 Rechargeable/Cordless Beard Trimmer

We’d like to thanks all the readers who responded with their feedback. Overall, the Wahl’s dominated the top spots with their high quality shaver kits. If you need to look immaculate, either for work or social occasions, you want to have the Wahl 9876-2001 Lithium Ion All-In-One Trimmer in your bathroom. This high quality trimmer took top spot on the top 10 beard trimmers because of its multitude of accessories, multiple rotating heads, and various blade sizes. If you’re not quite as serious about your grooming, you probably don’t need all the extra accessorings the Wahl kit provides. You might be better off with one of the Philips or Remington trimmers.

On this note, we will add an honorable mention to the Remington MB-200 Precision, which was with no doubt an extremely popular trimmer among our readers, therefore deserved been mentioned.

Remington MB-200 Precision Titanium Mustache & Beard Trimmer


By Jonathan Willard, writer of Top 10 Beard Trimmers for Best Electric Shaver.

Top 10 Electric Shavers – For Him

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex in our top 10 electric shaversA few months ago, we decided to put up a poll and ask our readers to vote on what their best electric shaver was so we could compile a list of the top 10 electric shavers on the market. Well, we’ve finally collected all the results and we have some surprisingly results. First off, there were so many entries that we ended up dividing the poll into 2 different result sets, one that emphasizes budget and value, while the second was primarily focused on overall quality without any attention to cost. For anybody looking for a budget shaver, you should also take a look at our other top 10 electric shavers list.

Unlike the previous poll’s results, many different brands managed to get a spot on our list. We’d like to thank our readers for their excellent suggestions. We’ve compiled all the suggestions into one list, and we’ve placed heavy emphasis on absolute quality, feature sets, and user feedback. This year, the top spot goes to the Panasonic ES-LA93 Vortex, an absolute beast of a shaver.

Top 10 Electric Shavers For Men

1. Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men’s Razor – simply the best shaver

2. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc IV Multi Flex Nanotech Rechargeable Razor

3. Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver

4. Panasonic ES8249K Arc IV Nano Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaving System

5. Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

6. Braun Series 5 (8995) Men’s Shaver

7. Philips Norelco 1059X Arcitec Men’s Electric Shaver – best rotary shaver

8. Philips Norelco 8260 CC Men’s Shaving System

9. Panasonic ES8249S Arc IV Nanotech Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

10. Panasonic ES8228S Men’s Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System

It’s clear from the top 10 electric shavers list that at the upper end of quality, Panasonic’s shavers are very dominant. There were quite a few different shavers represented in the list, but they all came a distant 2nd to our top pick, the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men’s Shaver. This spectacular  shaver came in head and shoulders above the competition, with many readers declaring this shaver literally the best shaver they’ve ever owned. If you’re in the market for the absolute best, you can’t go wrong with the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men’s Shaver, it’s the closest thing to a barber shave you can get at home.

By Jonathan Willard, author of top 10 electric shavers for Best Electric Shaver.

Top 10 Electric Shavers for Men: Our Readers’ Favorites

Panasonic ES8109S Vortex, from top 10 electric shavers

Are you looking to find the top 10 electric shavers available today? Are you tired of nicks and cuts, irritation, hair pulling, bad batteries, burning sensations… that are normally associated with a bad shave?  If you answered yes to any of the above, please read the following.

There are numerous qualities associated with what’s considered the best electric razor, including the convenience of quick shaving coupled with a complete and total absence of burns and cuts. But this is only if your gadget works! A model has to provide you with a close shave, on the neck and face, above the lips like under the lips, be easy to handle, preferably be rechargeable, preferably be usable dry or wet, be easy to clean and of course, should last you many years of great use. Long lasting model devices with good features are not given, this is why it is important to do a little bit of research before hand and not buy a product based solely on its look or based on the brand. To make your research easier, I’ve have compiled here the best electric shaver for different categories. This is based not only on the description given by the manufacturer, but also on the reviews of hundreds of happy consumers.

Unfortunately, not all models compare. And like many other consumer gadgets, price doesn’t always mean quality. Being frustrated myself with bad cuts from razor blades, and from models that irritated my skin, I went on the search for the top 10 electric shavers.

After a few weeks of research, I am ready to share with you some the top 10 electric shavers, also the best selling available on the market.

Panasonic steals the show among my top 10 shavers this year. While the Panasonic ES-LA93-K (#2) is an incredibly well engineered piece of grooming technology, it is also a luxury. This is why guys often prefer the more affordable Panasonic ES8109S Vortex (#1), a wet/dry foil shaver, that can, just like the ES-LA93-K, not only be used with hot water, but can also be used with shaving creams for extra close shavings! The Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic shaver (#3) also offers an incredible close trim. I found that guys especially loved the Clean & Renew System which makes your morning routine mess free while keeping your shiny toy like the day you bought it.

Top 10 electric shavers

1. Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver – BEST OVERALL

2. Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men’s Shaver

3. Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic shaver

4. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc IV Multi Flex Nanotech Rechargeable Shaver

5. Panasonic ES7103K Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Triple Head Shaver BEST FOR SMALL BUDGETS

6. Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

7. Panasonic ES8249K Arc IV Nano Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaving System

8. Philips Norelco 7810 Men’s Cutting System shaver

9. Braun PocketGo P-70 Men’s Shaver – BEST FOR TRAVELERS

10. Remington R-960 Titanium Rotary MicroFlex shaver

I picked the Panasonic ES7103K (#5) as one of my top 10 because it not only has received outstanding reviews, but is also a great item for people on budget (priced under $100). Travelers? You will love the Braun PocketGo P-70 (#9). It may not be the best of the top 10 electric shavers, but this baby is sure an excellent tool for travelers. It is light and can be used with batteries, a FANTASTIC feature since I (and maybe you too), tend to forget the damn charger when going away…

Bottom line: These are some seriously impressive displays of grooming technology all for a very affordable price. If you’re still in the manual shaving camp, carefully trying to make sure you don’t slice yourself open with that big dangerous razor, you’re missing out on an entire world of ease and comfort. There’s a reason that so many people have converted, this is the one true answer to men’s grooming! Don’t be a footnote in the annals of history, catapult yourself into the 21st century and you won’t regret it!

Need more information? Come back for updates about our top 10 electric shavers for him on Best Electric Shaver!

Best hair clippers for home use

Save money with a best hair clippers

Men save money with the best hair clippers

Today’s cost pace of life have increased the demand of home electric gadgets. Because of the increasing cost of life, many families opt for home haircuts, especially for kids and men. Best hair clippers for men are a great way to save money, especially with this tough economy. Buying a hair clipper for home used will save you a lot on the long run.

Of course, you can get your haircut done at the hairdresser or barber, but the quality of electric clippers is improving with every new model, and more and more men and even families opt for electric hair clippers for their convenience and affordability. The first electric clipper was built by Andis, in the early 20’s, but today, several companies sell hair their own series of hair clippers.

Professional vs Home grade

When purchasing hair clippers, men have the choice between the home grade and the professional hair clippers. Hair clippers for the individual are usually more affordable than the professional grade ones as the machine not only cost less, but also comes with a panoply of accessories, which are not included in the professional grade ones. While the quality of hair trimming and cutting remains similar for both grades, the professional hair clipper is made more sturdy, and has a longer lifetime usage and a better insulation of the internal electrical components. For example, plastic parts may be replaced with metal parts in the professional grade clippers to extend the lifespan of the clipper. This is because an individual will use their hair clipper only a few times during the month, while the professional will use their hair clipper several hours per day.

Tight budget? The Philips Norelco is turbo powered for cutting through the coarser hair. These clippers include three attachments, two for hair lengths and one for a stubble finish. And a great plus: these great clippers can be uses on your beard as well!


We heartily recommend these best hair clippers:

Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade 2Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade

Why going cheap and having a bad haircut when you can go cheap and have a great haircut. These amazing clippers will power through any thick hair. It is not surprising they got such a great rating on Amazon. Plus they have that nice hefty feel to them. Interchangeable metal blades for various lengths of hair.

Remington HKVAC-2000 Precision Vacuum Haircut KitRemington HKVAC-2000 Precision Vacuum Haircut Kit

What would you say if we told you you did not have to clean after cutting your hair? This great product has a vacuum that will suck in most of the hair after your haircut session. This jewel makes a professional haircut, without the cost.
Andis 18450 Promotor, 20 Piece Complete Home Haircutting KitAndis 18450 Promotor, 20 Piece Complete Home Haircutting Kit

Andis still got it! These are excellent quality price hair clippers for home use. Attractive design and rubberized grip that will give you an extra grip for more control.

When purchasing new clippers, make sure to follow the manufacturers manual, to keep the blades clean and oiled, to make them last like new for years of amazing cutting.

For more information, check out Best Electric Shaver.

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Top 3 Best Beard Mustache Trimmers

In today’s society, it is important to have a clean look. Men try as often as possible to have a clean shaven look, but daily shaving has its disadvantages. Razor burns, razor bumps, skin burns and irritation are only a few of the many problem men encounter when shaving on a regular basis. This is why many men opt for trimming, which offer them a clean professional look without the disadvantages of shaving. If you are thinking of trimmer your beard and or mustache or are planning on purchasing a new trimmer, here are the 3 best beard mustache trimmers for you.

3 best beard mustache trimmers

Remington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard TrimmerRemington MB-200 Titanium Mustache and Beard Trimmer
No hair pulling and no need for lubrication with the Lube for life blades. This beard mustache trimmer is a great device that allows for rapid trimming. No wonder why it is the best selling beard mustache trimmer on Amazon. The Remington MB-200 is easy to use and has a great length adjustment mechanism.

Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache TrimmerWahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer
This trimmer is great for daily maintenance or to create new looks. With its high-carbon steel blades, the Wahl’s Groomsman trimmer is one of the best beard mustache trimmers on the market. For safe and consistent trimmer, attach the six-position beard regulator to your favorite trimmer. Many consumers favorite is Wahl, for its simplicity, high quality, close trim and affordability.

Panasonic ER389K Rechargeable Beard and Mustache TrimmerPanasonic ER389K Rechargeable Beard and Mustache Trimmer
The Panasonic ER389K has stainless-steel blades that keeps your facial hair under control. It has a convenient built-in plug-charging system, and provides good and precise control when trimming. This will avoid you inconsistent and uneven beard or mustache lengths. This Panasonic device trims in no time and the package includes a cleaning brush and blades lubricating oil to keep the trimmer like new.

For more information about best beard mustache trimmers and other best trimmers, visit Best Electric Shaver now.

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