Q. I would like to purchase an electric shaver. Because I’ve never used one before, I wanted to know how better (or worst) electric shavers are compared to manual razors regarding:

1) The quality of shave
2) Their ease of use
3) The time of shave
4) Irritation

A. Manual shaving is well known to offer a very close shave, and while it was true that manual shaving used to be much more superior to electric shavers in the past in terms of quality of shave, that gap is very narrow as electric razors technology has highly improved. Electric shavers are very easy to use, you only have to remember to charge them once in a while to avoid bad surprises when the shaver is most needed. The great advantage of electric shavers over disposable razors is that they decrease your time of shave, since they usually don’t require any cream or gel. However, some electric shavers offers you the option of using it wet with a cream or have a self skin moisturizing device that allows to keep your skin free of irritation. Electric shavers have tend to cause less skin irritation since the blade does not come as close to the skin compared to manual razors.


Q. I am planning of buying my husband an electric shaver for his birthday. Being a women, I have little knowledge of men’s electric shavers. I would like to find an electric shaver that has some attachments such as a mustache and goatee trimmer. My budget would be under 150$. What brands (models) do you recommend and why?

A. Most high end electric shavers include a pop-up trimmer. Panasonic are well-known for their closeness of shave. The Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver with Nano Technology and HydraClean System has received great reviews from its users. Almost everyone agree, this electric razor not only provide a close shave, but also reduces razor burns, irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hair. And the HydraClean system helps maintain the electric shaver like new. For less than $150 on sale, the Panasonic ES8109S comes with a pop-up trimmer that can be accessed from the push of a finger and which works nicely.


Q. What is the difference between an electric shaver and a beard trimmer?

A. Beard trimmers keep the hair short while electric shavers remove the hair of the surface of the skin. An electric shaver is not only great to remove the hair, but is what you should use if you want to create a new style, like a mustache or a goatee. A trimmer is used to maintain the style after you already shaped it. If you need a clean shave, you will need to use an electric shaver, if you need to create and maintain a style, you will need a combination of both an electric shaver and a trimmer. Most electric shavers include a pop-up trimmer for your convenience.

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