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Electric shavers for men

Nowadays, a well shaved men is a must. Shaving is part of most men daily morning routine. Moustaches and beards usually suit more mature men who can wear them very nicely. For a close and clean shave, it is important to have a good shaver.

Men used to go to the barber to get a close shave, something quite dangerous as you can guess. Then men started shaving with a blade, until 1971, when Gillette released the first double side razor blade with a plastic handle, and in 1975, the disposable shaver by Bic. These razors made shaving much more easy and safe. But there is also another option: the electric shaver, invented in 1934.

Electrics shavers had a slow start: lacking isolation, being loud, and not shaving as manual shavers, electric razors had nothing to offer in comparison to manual razors. But throughout the century, great improvement has been made and electric razors are now some of the most sold home small appliances. Whether you are using a Philips Norelco, a Braun, a Panasonic or a Remington, what men looking in an electric shaver is one that provides not only a close shave, but also a shave free of irritation and burns.

There are two types of electric shavers : foil electric shavers (with 35 microns aluminium), easy to use and the rotary electric shavers. So the big question is : foil vs rotary shavers, which one is the best one?

Type of electric shavers : foil vs rotary shavers

Foil Shavers

The most popular electric shavers use foils (with a square head), a technology that use an oscillating cutting system (back and forth movement of the blades) and are better for sensitive skins. Main manufacturers are Braun and Panasonic. Foil electric shavers are the most popular, because some men tend to have more irritation using the rotary shavers. This is because a protective foi protects the skin against the sharp blade while helping lift the hair. This therefore helps reducing the irritaiton cause by the blade scratching the skin. In the past, foil electric shavers had only one foil and rotary shavers were known to offer a closer shave, but newer model of foil shavers have more foils for a much closer shave.

Foil shavers recommendations:

We heartily recommend these best foil electric shavers:

Panasonic ES8243APanasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver, Blue

A great wet/dry foil electric shaver with an ergonomic handle.  The head is designed to reach all the harder to reach areas of the neck with a foil shaver. Try it with a good shaving cream (Best Shaving Cream). All you need is a very very thin layer. As the Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV glides effortlessly over the shaving cream, you get a superior shave with minimal irritation (or none at all!)

Panasonic ES8109SPanasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver with Nano Technology and HydraClean System

You will love the HydraClean system of the ES8109S. This innovative system keeps your shaver clean and hygienic all the time. The ES9109S is a solid shaver that offers a quiet and one of the most pleasant shaving experience.

Rotary shavers

You will recognize the rotary shavers with the three circular blades. Rotary shavers use 360º rotating spinning cutters that catch and cut each hair. Rotary electric shavers have a flexible head that swivels to follow well the contours of your face. Some men find that rotary shavers are better at shaving a thick beard without having to trim it down first.

Rotary shavers recommendations:

We heartily recommend these best rotary shavers:

Philips Norelco Speed XL Electric 8270XL New Shaver 2Philips Norelco Speed XL Electric 8270XL Shaver

The Philips Norelco Speed 8270XL has a smart touch function with allows the 3 shaving heads to come in close contact with your skin, without the irritation, with a safe and fast shave. It includes a convenient charge indicator and a tilting head that shaves more easily flat skin surfaces.

Norelco Cool Skin Razor - 8020X 2Norelco Cool Skin Razor – 8020X

The Norelco Cool Skin Razor 8020X is the best rotary shaver for sensitive skins. This electric shaver works both in a wet and dry environment and dispenses the Nivea For Men shaving conditioner directly on your skin, to keep it moisturized for a soothing shave.

Conclusion : Foils vs Rotary Shavers

In conclusion, there is no real answer as whether foils vs rotary shavers, which one is better. It really depends on your personal preference. But if you have a sensitive skin, best is to choose a foil shaver as they are well known to reduce skin irritation. But if you have used rotary shavers in the past, you may just love their ability to follow so well the contours of your face. Happy shopping!

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