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Best Electric Razor Shaving Cream for Her

Shaving with an electric razor shaving cream

Ah, the joys of summer! Short skirts, short shorts, bikini… and hair! Summer brings back the joy of light and sexy clothes, but also all the problems that come with shaving. Razor burns, irritation, razor bumps, no wonder why so many women opt for electric razors nowadays.

As a matter of fact, women’s electric shavers are extremely convenient. Most brands can be used dry like wet, have a pop-up trimmer to trim your bikini line, and can be recharged. Women’s electric shavers are especially good for last minute shavings. So many great functions to keep your legs, underarms and bikini under control!

Electric razors vs manual razors.

Ladies, if you have sensitive skin, you probably know all about skin irritation and razor burns. Of course, there is epilation, but with epilation also comes the mess of wax and ingrown hair. An electric shaver can often help reduce the skin irritation problem and most women electric razors can be use dry, or wet (with or without cream or lotion). This can greatly help improve the closeness of shave and reduce the burns and the irritation. This is a great option for women with very sensitive skin. Say hello or goodbye to shaving cream or lotion during shaving, as needed!

“Perfect shave” for her

The perfect shave can be defined in one sentence :  the action of shaving with little to no efforts on any parts of a women’s body, including her legs, the underarms and the bikini, leaving the skin baby smooth free of irritation and burns.

The recipe to “perfect shave”

If you opt for wet shaving with you electric shaver, you can also use creams or lotions. This helps your skin stay moist during the whole process and protects your skin as the cream and water create a protective layer that allows the blade to glide gently along your skin, reducing the chance of unhappy endings (razor burns and or irritation).


Our Recommendations:

We highly recommend this wet/dry electric razor for women:

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet Dry Ladies Shaver2Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver

This best electric shaver for her can be used wet or dry. A great buy for women with extra sensitive skin. The use of an electric razor shaving cream will give you extra smooth legs. An excellent product for the money.

What is the best electric razor shaving cream

The Art of Shaving Shaving Cream - Rose AbsoluteThe Art of Shaving Shaving Cream – Rose Absolute

The Art of Shaving Cream more known for their men’s products also carries lotions and creams for women. Feel like you were at the spa with this Rose Absolute. Women will enjoy this soft, luminous, beautiful calming rose smell.

Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Cream with Vitamin E and Aloe Electric Razor Shaving CreamSkintimate Moisturizing Shave Cream with Vitamin E and Aloe for Sensitive Skin

An electric razor shaving cream with a nice scent and that foams up nicely, allowing for a close shave free of irritation.


By Nat Young, writer of Best Electric Razor Shaving Cream for Her, for Best Electric Shaver.

Women’s Best Electric Shaver – Close Shave

just_legsLadies, are you tired of spending so much on disposable razors? Electric shavers may be the solution to your problem. Electric shavers have made shaving more easy for women. Women’s electric shavers are synonym to quick and fast shaving, no need for cream or gel, and no messy wax. Plus electric shavers for women are so affordable. Ladies, while your man will pay up to 300$ for the best electric shaver that will provide them with a close shave, women need to spend a bare 30 bucks for a gadget that will last them years! Because there are so many electric razors on the market, it is important to compare products before buying, because when looking for the best electric shaver, close shave is the number one priority.

3 Best electric shaver, close shave and affordability

Panasonic Close Curves Pivot Action Ladies Shaving SystemPanasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver
With this Close Curves Wet/Dry ladies shavers, you will enjoy not only a clean shave, but also a comfortable one, free or irritation. Women who have tried it are simply delighted by the absolute closeness of a shaving. Fast and efficient, the razor offers a nicks/cuts/razor burns free  experience. Great for all parts of a women body, including the legs, the underarms and the bikini area. You will find everything in this attractive best electric shaver: close shave with the pivoting head, convenience, safety of an electric shaver and even a pop up trimmer for longer or stray hairs and a bikini trimmer attachment! With this electric razor, you will realize how improved electric shavers for women have become!

Conair LWD375GCS Satiny Smooth Ladies Wet or Dry Rechargeable ShaverConair LWD375GCS Satiny Smooth Ladies’ Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver
If you are looking for affordability, the Conair Satiny shaver offers a decent shave at a good price. This electric razor has two independent floating cutters and foils that can be used wet or dry. This Conair shaver offers a close shave with no razor burns or irritation. The shave is easy to use and has a comfortable grip. Quiet, it holds it charge for up to 25 minutes and recharges in no time! A highly recommend product for all women.

Remington WDF-1600 Smooth and Silky Ultra Shaver RechargeableRemington WDF-1600 Smooth & Silky Ultra Shaver, Rechargeable
Men rave about their Remington… so do women! Without question, this electric shaver is one of women’s favorite. Light weight, it offers a comfortable, holds its charge well and recharges quickly. The Body Contour SafescreensTM will hug your curves and provide and ever quicker and closer results. Cleaning is like a breeze, why spend more?

For more information about women’s electric shavers, visit Best Electric Shaver now.

Electric razors for women

Since they were first patented by Colonel Jacob Schick in 1928, electric shavers have gone a long way! They come in many sizes, with different features, for men, or for women. Yes, women can now take advantage of the an electric razor. Wondering what are the differences between an electric shaver for men versus an electric shaver for women?

The biggest and most appreciated difference between the men and the women versions is the price. The best electric razors for women average $25 to $40 while electric razors for men can cost over 200$! Why such a big difference in price? Because of the area used for. The face and neck being a lot more sensitive than the skin of the legs, men need a much more sophisticated and refined electric shaver than women. Also, it is much more easy to access the legs than the contour of a jaw. Also, facial hair tend to be much more thick and hard that hair on other parts of the body, hence the need of a more powerful motor to cut that hair.

Another common feature of electric razors for women are the fact that they often have a pivoting head, that make more easy the access to areas such as underarms. Unlike men’s electric shavers, the women’s version can usually be used dry or in the shower, which makes it much more convenient.

Looking for the best electric razors for women? Check out the following.
Panasonic Close Curves Wet-Dry Ladies ShaverPanasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver with Bikini Attachment
Great ladies electric razors. If you are looking to enjoy a clean and comfortable shave, try the  Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver. This cute gadget has a great pivoting head and a cool bikini attachment. Efficient and gentle any type of skin, including the sensitive ones, this personal grooming system provides reliable and long-lasting results. Use it either in the privacy of your own home or while traveling. This best electric shaver is safe to use in the shower or bath and hugs your curves for an ultra-close shaving experience. Offered in mauve and lavender.

Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves rechargeable Wet-Dry Ladies ShaverPanasonic ES2207P Close Curves rechargeable Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver
A good electric razor for women at a decent cost. Designed to move with the natural curves of your body, the Panasonic ES2207P Close Curves rechargeable Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver gives you a close, comfortable shave, even in hard-to-reach areas. If you did not care for the pivoting hair and the bikini trimmer, this wet/dry electric shaver is also safe to use while in the shower or bath. Gentle on the skin, this best electric razor includes a compact, space-saving charger for on-the-go portability.

Remington WDF-1600 Smooth & Silky Ultra ShaverRemington WDF-1600 Smooth & Silky Ultra Shaver, Rechargeable
The Remington’s WDF-1600 has a convenient and comfortable electric shaving with Body Contour SafescreensTM that hug your curves for quick, close, comfortable results, making it a great alternative for disposables. It features two SafescreensTM Protect that will protect your skin from nicks and cuts and one SmoothCutTM trimmer great for you bikini line, any missed hairs, and multiple day growth. It also can be used to shave IN or OUT of the shower and has a comfort strip. Plus, this is the number one grooming gadget for small budgets!

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