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Electric or manual shaver?

Shavers come with plenty of options available, enough to fill up an aisle in the drugstore. Choosing the right one for you is not always easy. Which razor works best? Electric? Manual? Well, both have their pros and cons, which I’m going to explain below to help you decide what is best for your shaving style.

Electric shaver


An electric shaver rolls up the skin, forcing the hairs up before cutting them, which means that you don’t need to cover the same areas as many times as you would with a manual razor, thus saving you a lot of time. It is also easy to carry around, so if you’re late for work you can always take your best electric razor with you and shave in the washroom when you get there. An electric razor does not require shaving products like shaving cream, soap, gel or even water, and it is quite versatile, as it can be used to shave facial hair, beard, mustache, and sideburns. Finally, your best electric shaver reduces the risks of nicks, cuts, and ingrown hair.


Electric razors do not shave as far as manual ones, so the result is not as smooth and you may have to shave more often. Since they are electrical devices, their maintenance requires more attention, and most of them cannot be used in the shower, although there are models that are waterproof. Also, the price of initial purchase and replacement parts can be quite steep.

Manual shavers


Manual shavers provide a smoother shave for a longer period of time than electrical shavers. They are simple to use, and having no electrical circuit, are less prone to defects. Manual razors are cheaper than their electrical counterparts and are easy to clean and maintain.


When you shave with a manual shaver, you also take off a very thin layer of skin. For people on blood thinning medication and those with difficulty healing, this may be problematic or even dangerous. Seniors with wrinkled skin may also experience problems when shaving with a manual razor, and because their hand is often unsteady they risk cutting themselves.

Shaving with a manual shaver takes longer because it requires special products like shaving cream; soap, gels and aftershave solution, and because you need to go over the same area several times. Another downside is that you need to change the blade often because it looses its sharpness quickly.

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Avoiding Electric Shaver Irritation

Dryness and rash after using your electric shaver?

razorburnWhen used properly, an electric shaver can really cut down on the amount of time you spend shaving, as well as giving you an extremely close shave. But, as with manual shaving, you are not immune to skin irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin. Luckily, this can be avoided quite easily, and you can enjoy a smooth, comfortable shave without any annoying shaver burns or general discomfort. Try following some of these simple guidelines, and see if they help you out next time.

Prevent shaver irritation by:

1) First thing is obviously to get a high quality electric razor. If you’re using a cheap, poor quality shaver will dull blades, there’s no avoiding electric shaver irritation. YOu get what you pay for. The better electric razors are self sharpening, and dispense gel lubricants while shaving.

2) It’s often a good idea to soften your beard a bit before shaving. Soak your face with a towel and some warm water, or better yet, shave after taking a shower. The hot water will soften your beard considerably and make for a much smoother shaver. If you’re in a hurry, there are also alcohol based pre-shaves available, but some people find they irritate the skin.

3) Depending on what kind of look you’re going for, adjust your shaver for hair length. People who are just looking to trim and maintain their beards won’t be cutting close to the skin at all. The closer the shave, the more chance you’ll be suffering get an electric shaver burn.

4) Use your fingers to guide the razor, examining the skin first and checking the direction of hair growth, because it’s not uniform across your face. Stretch your skin out gently and shave against the direction of your hair growth for optimal shaving. Be careful, you want to try and shave an area properly in your first pass. If you have to revisit an area on your face more than once, you’re running a significant risk for razor burn. Be gentle as well, don’t push down on your skin.


You can’t completely avoid the possibility of electric shaver irritation, but you can minimize the odds of it occurring. Get yourself a good quality shaver, with sharp blades and a built-in shaving gel dispenser, and you’re likely to get a nice close shave without any problems.

By Michael S.  Find more shaving tips, visit Best Electric Shaver.

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Do You Look Cool – Goatee Style Guide in Pictures

In look for a new facial hair style? Maybe these will you give you some ideas.

Goatees and mustaches have not been in trend since the 70’s, but Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean change the face of men, literally. Ever since, every Hollywood celebrity has grown at one time or another a stylish goatee/mustache hair style.

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The Perfect Electric Razor Shaving Cream for men

Electric razor shaving cream

Do you remember you excitement as a teenager over shaving those three little hairs you had on your chin? You probably discovered back then the joy of being a men, but also the discomfort of shaving. Since then, your grooming techniques and gadgets have probably evolved.

Today, more and more men opt for electric razors. Electric razors are so convenient : they shave fast, they are rechargeable, they often include a trimmer, some models offer a self-cleaning or self-sharpening function, they can often be used wet like dry… What else to ask for when it comes to electric razors.

Electric razors vs manual razors

With the popularity of electric razors, came the electric razor shaving cream. While many electric razors have to be used dry (with no cream or gel), some high-end shavers can be used with a cream. This is a great feature for men with extra sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, shaving is probably often synonym to razor burns and irritation. While there is much less irritation using an electric shaver compared to using a manual shaver, some men still get lots of irritation, even with an electric shaver.

What do we consider “perfect shaving”

A perfect shaving can be defined as an effortless shave of the chins and cheeks, that will leave the skin not only smooth, but also free of burns and irritations.

How to achieve a “perfect shaving”

Wetshaving, or the act of shaving with lots of water or liquids can often lead to a perfect shaving. The water, combined with the shaving cream, keeps your skin moisturized during the whole shaving process, and offers a layer of protection against the sharp blades. With this layer of protection, the blade, instead of scrapping the skin, will smoothly glide along the skin, eliminating any chance of irritation, redness or bumps.


We highly recommend this wet/dry electric razor for men:

Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Electric Shaver2Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Razor with Nano Technology and HydraClean System
This is an excellent electric razor that can be used dry and wet alike. If you have extra sensitive skin and need shaving cream even with an electric shaver, this is the best electric shaver for you. To be used with hot water and shaving creams or lotions (see below).

What is the best electric razor shaving cream

Neutrogena shaving creamNeutrogena Men Skin Clearing Shave Cream

Start shaving by using the electric razor wet with hot water, then apply some Neutragena shaving cream for even better results.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream JarTaylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream

An electric razor shaving cream with a quality sandalwood fragrance that layers up nicely to offer a close shave free of irritation.

By Michael S. for Best Electric Shaver.

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What is an electric razor burn?

Suffering from electric razor burns?

razorburnRazor burn irritation is a common problem for just about anybody who shaves regularly. I’m sure most have or have experienced it at some point in your lives, some more often than others. Nicks, cuts, a burning sensation and redness on the skin are all symptoms of electric razor burn. People with sensitive skin are especially prone to it, and it can be extremely annoying to deal with. Showing up to work with cuts all over your face, or redness can be extremely embarrassing. Bad cases of razor burn can be accompanied with ‘razor bumps’ or ‘Pseudofolliculitis barbae‘, which can make the skin itchy and red, with little pimples all over. These can become inflamed or infected.

How do I get razor burn?

It’s very easy to get razor burn if you’re not careful when you’re shaving. Using a low quality razor is usually the biggest culprit, as the blades can be rusty and dull. This causes a lot of friction on your skin. Make sure to use a good quality razor, which is replaced regularly. Additionally, you can minimize burn by applying lubricants, and warm water to your skin before shaving.

Many people like to use aftershave or cologne after shaving, which doesn’t help if they have sensitive skin. These can often make the problem a lot worse by drying out your skin.

Shaving too closely, applying too much pressure, or repeatedly shaving the same area are also major sources of the problem. Many people are tempted to press the razor against the skin strongly, or revisit an area on their face to get a closer, cleaner shave, especially if they’re in a hurry. Take your time to shave properly.

How can I treat it?

If you’re already suffering from electric razor burn, there are a variety of home remedies you can use to alleviate the irritation. Apply something cool and soothing to the affected area. You want to look for something like a moisturizer, which will help relieve the symptoms and dryness that occurs on the skin.

An aloe vera gel and based moisturizer does the job very well. See if you can find an aftershave cream that contains aloe vera. If you can’t find that, a washcloth soaked in cold water with a little witch hazel works well.

The most obvious way would be to not shave as often. Give your face time to rest.

By Michael S. for Best Electric Shaver.

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5 shaving mistakes men do

Too often, men tend to be careless when it comes to shaving. Breakouts, irritation, rash, nicks and cuts can all possible effects of shaving. There are many ways to reduce or eliminate those problems. Interested in learning more? Read the following.

1. Use soap instead of a quality shaving product when shaving with a manual shaver. Shaving creams were made to decrease irritation after shaving. A good shaving cream/soap/gel will create a thicker layer than regular soap that will protect your skin better from the sharp razor, and often contains the necessary moisturizer that will soften your skin or cleanser that will remove the excess of oil that may interfere with your shaver. If you are using a best electric shaver, most electric razor have to be used dry. However, some electric shavers, such as the Panasonic ES8249S Arc IV Nanotech Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver, can also be used with shaving cream,which helps to nearly eliminate the irritation some people with more sensitive skin may experience even with a good electric shaver.

2. Shave too quickly after waking up. If you are the type to wake up at the very last second in the morning and to leave yourself just enough time to shave, brush your teeth and run to work, you probably need to rethink your routine, especially if you notice some irritation after shaving. Did you know that it is best to shave about 20 minutes after waking up? In the morning, your skin tend to be puffier and more swollen because, as your are sleeping, the blood circulation is decreased in the body. This skin condition makes it more difficult to have a close shaving, and makes it especially difficult to get the shorter and smaller hairs.

3. Not replacing the shaving blades or electric shaver head often enough. Don’t cheap out on razor blades and electric shaver heads. Change the razors accordingly to the manufacturer’s instructions, or even more often if you shave twice a day! The key to a close shaving nearly free of irritation is the use of proper grooming material, such as a sharp blade. The use of a dull blade will force your to pass over the same twice, three times, four times… and to put more pressure on the razor, causing the razor to come in closer contact with your skin and not only your hair, hence leading to more irritation and rashes.

4. Not cleaning their razor or electric razor blade after each shaving. Even if you are in a hurry, you always have 20 seconds to spare to fully clean your shaver. Pass it under cold water and wipe it with a clean towel. A razor is a reservoir of germs, which can contribute to more irritation and possibly to infections in case of cuts. Most best electric shavers have the convenience of having an auto-clean option that will fully clean your precious shaver at the press of a button.

5. Not exfoliating. Some men perceive exfoliating as a girly thing to do. But hey, exfoliating doesn’t necessary means you have to use the bells and whistles of a fancy exfoliating mask, but is rather an integral part of your skin care. Exfoliation will help bring out the ingrown hair and get rid of the dead skin. Before you shave, simply scrub your face with a loofah or a facial scrub. And for your personal knowledge, exfoliation will also prevent breakouts, allow the skin of your face to renew faster and will help maintain an adequate amount of oil, which will decrease shaving burns over time.

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