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How to Wetshave with a Panasonic Electric Shaver

To purchase, visit for the Panasonic ES8103S Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Rechargeable Linear Pivot Action Shaving System.

Top 10 Electric Shavers – For Him

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex in our top 10 electric shaversA few months ago, we decided to put up a poll and ask our readers to vote on what their best electric shaver was so we could compile a list of the top 10 electric shavers on the market. Well, we’ve finally collected all the results and we have some surprisingly results. First off, there were so many entries that we ended up dividing the poll into 2 different result sets, one that emphasizes budget and value, while the second was primarily focused on overall quality without any attention to cost. For anybody looking for a budget shaver, you should also take a look at our other top 10 electric shavers list.

Unlike the previous poll’s results, many different brands managed to get a spot on our list. We’d like to thank our readers for their excellent suggestions. We’ve compiled all the suggestions into one list, and we’ve placed heavy emphasis on absolute quality, feature sets, and user feedback. This year, the top spot goes to the Panasonic ES-LA93 Vortex, an absolute beast of a shaver.

Top 10 Electric Shavers For Men

1. Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men’s Razor – simply the best shaver

2. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc IV Multi Flex Nanotech Rechargeable Razor

3. Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver

4. Panasonic ES8249K Arc IV Nano Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaving System

5. Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

6. Braun Series 5 (8995) Men’s Shaver

7. Philips Norelco 1059X Arcitec Men’s Electric Shaver – best rotary shaver

8. Philips Norelco 8260 CC Men’s Shaving System

9. Panasonic ES8249S Arc IV Nanotech Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

10. Panasonic ES8228S Men’s Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System

It’s clear from the top 10 electric shavers list that at the upper end of quality, Panasonic’s shavers are very dominant. There were quite a few different shavers represented in the list, but they all came a distant 2nd to our top pick, the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men’s Shaver. This spectacular  shaver came in head and shoulders above the competition, with many readers declaring this shaver literally the best shaver they’ve ever owned. If you’re in the market for the absolute best, you can’t go wrong with the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men’s Shaver, it’s the closest thing to a barber shave you can get at home.

By Jonathan Willard, author of top 10 electric shavers for Best Electric Shaver.

Top 10 Electric Shavers for Men: Our Readers’ Favorites

Panasonic ES8109S Vortex, from top 10 electric shavers

Are you looking to find the top 10 electric shavers available today? Are you tired of nicks and cuts, irritation, hair pulling, bad batteries, burning sensations… that are normally associated with a bad shave?  If you answered yes to any of the above, please read the following.

There are numerous qualities associated with what’s considered the best electric razor, including the convenience of quick shaving coupled with a complete and total absence of burns and cuts. But this is only if your gadget works! A model has to provide you with a close shave, on the neck and face, above the lips like under the lips, be easy to handle, preferably be rechargeable, preferably be usable dry or wet, be easy to clean and of course, should last you many years of great use. Long lasting model devices with good features are not given, this is why it is important to do a little bit of research before hand and not buy a product based solely on its look or based on the brand. To make your research easier, I’ve have compiled here the best electric shaver for different categories. This is based not only on the description given by the manufacturer, but also on the reviews of hundreds of happy consumers.

Unfortunately, not all models compare. And like many other consumer gadgets, price doesn’t always mean quality. Being frustrated myself with bad cuts from razor blades, and from models that irritated my skin, I went on the search for the top 10 electric shavers.

After a few weeks of research, I am ready to share with you some the top 10 electric shavers, also the best selling available on the market.

Panasonic steals the show among my top 10 shavers this year. While the Panasonic ES-LA93-K (#2) is an incredibly well engineered piece of grooming technology, it is also a luxury. This is why guys often prefer the more affordable Panasonic ES8109S Vortex (#1), a wet/dry foil shaver, that can, just like the ES-LA93-K, not only be used with hot water, but can also be used with shaving creams for extra close shavings! The Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic shaver (#3) also offers an incredible close trim. I found that guys especially loved the Clean & Renew System which makes your morning routine mess free while keeping your shiny toy like the day you bought it.

Top 10 electric shavers

1. Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver – BEST OVERALL

2. Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men’s Shaver

3. Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic shaver

4. Panasonic ES-LA63-S Arc IV Multi Flex Nanotech Rechargeable Shaver

5. Panasonic ES7103K Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Triple Head Shaver BEST FOR SMALL BUDGETS

6. Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver

7. Panasonic ES8249K Arc IV Nano Vortex Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaving System

8. Philips Norelco 7810 Men’s Cutting System shaver

9. Braun PocketGo P-70 Men’s Shaver – BEST FOR TRAVELERS

10. Remington R-960 Titanium Rotary MicroFlex shaver

I picked the Panasonic ES7103K (#5) as one of my top 10 because it not only has received outstanding reviews, but is also a great item for people on budget (priced under $100). Travelers? You will love the Braun PocketGo P-70 (#9). It may not be the best of the top 10 electric shavers, but this baby is sure an excellent tool for travelers. It is light and can be used with batteries, a FANTASTIC feature since I (and maybe you too), tend to forget the damn charger when going away…

Bottom line: These are some seriously impressive displays of grooming technology all for a very affordable price. If you’re still in the manual shaving camp, carefully trying to make sure you don’t slice yourself open with that big dangerous razor, you’re missing out on an entire world of ease and comfort. There’s a reason that so many people have converted, this is the one true answer to men’s grooming! Don’t be a footnote in the annals of history, catapult yourself into the 21st century and you won’t regret it!

Need more information? Come back for updates about our top 10 electric shavers for him on Best Electric Shaver!

Guide to the best electric shaver on the market

Shopping for the best electric shaver on the market




Wet shave with PanasonicSo it is time to shop for a new electric shaver? When purchasing an electric shaver, there are many points you should consider. Good electric shavers are not cheap, and it is in your best interest to make a wise investment that will last several good years of shaving. Before purchasing a shaver, read reviews and compare products. Here are some key points to help you decide what electric shavers.

The Basics

So this is what you need to know before buying an electric shaver.

1) Rotary or Foil? This is often a question of personal preference. Some men with thicker beard prefer the cutting power of the rotary shavers, while more sensitive skins will prefer the smoothness of a foil shaver. (see Foil vs Rotary Shavers)
2) What type of beard do you have. A thick dark beard, or a softer beard?
3) What type of skin do you have. Is your skin the sensitive type that will get irritated at the touch of any material, or do you have a tough skin that will endure the worst pain caused by a dull blade? (see Avoiding Electric Shaver Irritation)
4) Close shave is always a priority. Now the myth is that manual shaving is the way to go for a close shave. This was true a decade ago, but new technology has improved the quality of shave of electric razors, and the best ones will give a darn close shave as well.
5)The main names are: Braun, Panasonic, Philips Norelco and Remington.

The Features

Feature feature, tell me who’s the most important one.

1) Battery indicator life. Not a requirement, but a great addition to any best electric shaver. They allow you to know when it’s time to charge it, to avoid bad surprises when you need to shave the most.
2) Trimmer or no trimmer? If you like a clean shave, with no facial hair, chances are that you will never use the trimmer. But if you have a goatee, a mustache, sideburns, a beard or any other type of facial hair, a pop-up trimmer can be a good addition to a shaver.
3) Cord or cordless. A rechargeable shaver is always more convenient, but in some cases, i.e. when your rechargeable needs to be recharged and you need to shave NOW, a cord is more than welcomed. The options are: cord, rechargeable no cord, rechargeable with cord, rechargeable no cord with a 3-5 minutes fast charge option.
4) Dry or Wet/Dry. Unlike many believe, many electric shavers for men can be used wet in the shower, or even with shaving cream. A wet option allows for an optimal shave, especially you have more sensitive skin. (see How to Wetshave with a Panasonic Electric Shaver)

Other criteria

Moreover, when searching for a new razor, look for
1) Durability – needless to say that it often comes at a price
2) Something that is user friendly – sometimes too many buttons makes the razor worst!
3) A razor that will give you a fast shave – nobody wants to spend their morning shaving
4) An ergonomic grip for more comfort while shaving. This is especially true if you are shaving wet as the electric razor becomes slippery
5) A quiet motor, unless you want to make the morning buzz the household alarm clock
So now the big question is which is the best electric shaver on the market? Here are 5 great electric shavers, and which of them, we give you a short summary of why we think they are the best.

What we heartily recommend

1. Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver
Everything a men can dream of in a shaver can be found in the Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV. LCD battery indicator? Got it. Micro Polished Nanotech Blades? Got it. 30 degree angle blades? Got it. Wet/Dry system… Got it! Just click on it, you won’t be disappointed.
2. Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver
This beautiful device will shave as close as a manual razor once you master it. Both Panasonic have a cleaning module, but Braun has the best self cleaning system. A 10,000 micro-vibrations which results simply speak for themselves. Not surprising that it is the bestselling electric razor!!
3. Panasonic ES8228S Men’s Linear Vortex Nano Arc Foil Shaving System
A beautiful, elegant and functional device. Its 13000 rpm motor and a the “nano sharpened blades” create an amazing shaving experience. Allows you to shave with shaving creme, soap or gel, in the shower or dry. The results? An obscenely good shave!
4. Philips Norelco Speed 8240XL Men’s Shaving System
Triple head lovers, we didn’t forget about you. This Philips Norelco rotary shaver will make the joy of many men in search for a good rotary razor. The LED power indicator will keep you away from bad surprises. No cleaning system, but the – shaver can be cleaning under running tap water. Plus this shaver is so quiet as notes this happy consumer “It is so quiet I can carry on a conversation with my wife while using it“. Norelco gives consistently affordable good shavers once again.
5. Panasonic ES7103K Pro-Curve Wet/Dry Triple Head Shaver
While you get easily get a good rotary razor for under a hundred bucks, good foil razors can cost you up to 400$! This is why foil shaver lovers with love this budget electric shaver. Rated 4.5 by its users, this shaver (by Panasonic again!) offers everything men want : a good shave. Forget about the bells and the whistles and go directly to the center of the problem.

For more information and useful shaving tips, visit Best Electric Shaver.

Electric Shavers – Foil vs Rotary Shavers

Electric shavers for men

Nowadays, a well shaved men is a must. Shaving is part of most men daily morning routine. Moustaches and beards usually suit more mature men who can wear them very nicely. For a close and clean shave, it is important to have a good shaver.

Men used to go to the barber to get a close shave, something quite dangerous as you can guess. Then men started shaving with a blade, until 1971, when Gillette released the first double side razor blade with a plastic handle, and in 1975, the disposable shaver by Bic. These razors made shaving much more easy and safe. But there is also another option: the electric shaver, invented in 1934.

Electrics shavers had a slow start: lacking isolation, being loud, and not shaving as manual shavers, electric razors had nothing to offer in comparison to manual razors. But throughout the century, great improvement has been made and electric razors are now some of the most sold home small appliances. Whether you are using a Philips Norelco, a Braun, a Panasonic or a Remington, what men looking in an electric shaver is one that provides not only a close shave, but also a shave free of irritation and burns.

There are two types of electric shavers : foil electric shavers (with 35 microns aluminium), easy to use and the rotary electric shavers. So the big question is : foil vs rotary shavers, which one is the best one?

Type of electric shavers : foil vs rotary shavers

Foil Shavers

The most popular electric shavers use foils (with a square head), a technology that use an oscillating cutting system (back and forth movement of the blades) and are better for sensitive skins. Main manufacturers are Braun and Panasonic. Foil electric shavers are the most popular, because some men tend to have more irritation using the rotary shavers. This is because a protective foi protects the skin against the sharp blade while helping lift the hair. This therefore helps reducing the irritaiton cause by the blade scratching the skin. In the past, foil electric shavers had only one foil and rotary shavers were known to offer a closer shave, but newer model of foil shavers have more foils for a much closer shave.

Foil shavers recommendations:

We heartily recommend these best foil electric shavers:

Panasonic ES8243APanasonic ES8243A Arc IV Nano Men’s Wet/Dry Rechargeable Shaver, Blue

A great wet/dry foil electric shaver with an ergonomic handle.  The head is designed to reach all the harder to reach areas of the neck with a foil shaver. Try it with a good shaving cream (Best Shaving Cream). All you need is a very very thin layer. As the Panasonic ES8243A Arc IV glides effortlessly over the shaving cream, you get a superior shave with minimal irritation (or none at all!)

Panasonic ES8109SPanasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver with Nano Technology and HydraClean System

You will love the HydraClean system of the ES8109S. This innovative system keeps your shaver clean and hygienic all the time. The ES9109S is a solid shaver that offers a quiet and one of the most pleasant shaving experience.

Rotary shavers

You will recognize the rotary shavers with the three circular blades. Rotary shavers use 360º rotating spinning cutters that catch and cut each hair. Rotary electric shavers have a flexible head that swivels to follow well the contours of your face. Some men find that rotary shavers are better at shaving a thick beard without having to trim it down first.

Rotary shavers recommendations:

We heartily recommend these best rotary shavers:

Philips Norelco Speed XL Electric 8270XL New Shaver 2Philips Norelco Speed XL Electric 8270XL Shaver

The Philips Norelco Speed 8270XL has a smart touch function with allows the 3 shaving heads to come in close contact with your skin, without the irritation, with a safe and fast shave. It includes a convenient charge indicator and a tilting head that shaves more easily flat skin surfaces.

Norelco Cool Skin Razor - 8020X 2Norelco Cool Skin Razor – 8020X

The Norelco Cool Skin Razor 8020X is the best rotary shaver for sensitive skins. This electric shaver works both in a wet and dry environment and dispenses the Nivea For Men shaving conditioner directly on your skin, to keep it moisturized for a soothing shave.

Conclusion : Foils vs Rotary Shavers

In conclusion, there is no real answer as whether foils vs rotary shavers, which one is better. It really depends on your personal preference. But if you have a sensitive skin, best is to choose a foil shaver as they are well known to reduce skin irritation. But if you have used rotary shavers in the past, you may just love their ability to follow so well the contours of your face. Happy shopping!

For more information, visit Best Electric Shaver now.

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Best Electric Shaver for Ingrown Hairs

Don’t ignore ingrown hairs

What are ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are a common problem for anybody who shaves regularly. They’re usually caused by a hair which has been cut way too close to the skin, and goes on to curl back on itself or grow sideways into your skin. These embedded hairs can cause discomfort and a condition called “razor bumps” or “Pseudofolliculitis barbae”, leaving little red itchy pimples all over your skin. These can range from just mild uncomfortable and unattractive, or very painful, inflamed, and even infected. People with curly skin are particularly susceptible to this problem, and if left untreated, these hairs can cause keloid scarring in the affected area. It’s best to deal with them early on to avoid problems.

What can I do about them?

Ingrown hairs are often caused by shaving a bit too close to the skin, or against the grain. You can start by altering your shaving practices, keeping this in mind. Don’t shave too closely, and try to follow the direction of your hair’s growth, don’t shave against it. Use your fingers to feel out the direction of your hair.

If you’re already experience problems with ingrown hairs, there are a few treatments that work well. The most common treatment is to exfoliate every day. Wash your skin regularly, and gently exfoliate the affected areas with a brush or pumice stone. This helps to remove any dead skin, dirt, and anything else which might be trapping the hair underneath your skin. Do this lightly every day and you’ll notice a dramatic decrease in the number of ingrown hairs.

What’s the best electric shaver for ingrown hairs?

You want to choose a good shaver, with sharp blades that won’t pull out hairs. Plucking hairs can cause ingrown hairs, so the best electric shaver for ingrown hairs will be the one that cuts them cleanly, gives you a close shave but doesn’t leave them damaged and curling them back on themselves.


We heartily recommend this razor for men:

Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Electric Shaver2Panasonic ES8109S Vortex Wet/Dry Shaver with Nano Technology and HydraClean System
The best electric shaver for ingrown hairs for him. A highly recommended product. Some happy consumers have even reported that not only they reduced ingrown hairs by 98%, but this electric shaver also fixed their razor burn problem.

And this women’s razor has received great reviews:

Panasonic ES2216PC Close Curves Wet Dry Ladies Shaver2Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver

Best electric shaver for ingrown hairs for her. Ladies, tired of razor burns and ingrown hairs? This pretty women’s electric shavers will fix your problem. Use it for a smooth shave free of razor burn and ingrown hairs.

By Michael S. for Best Electric Shaver.

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