A review of the Braun 7-790cc electric shaver

Very satisfied with the Braun 7-790cc

The Braun 7-790cc electric shaver product is Braun top of the line razor model and uses the Braun Pulsonic technology which is an ultrasonic vibrating head technology. This electric razor is capable of providing a very close shave.

braun 7-790cc


Design of the head and foil

The head of the shaver is quite unique. There are three sets of blades, two sets with floating head at the top and bottom and a trimmer set in the middle to get the longer hair, which allow the shaver to get all the different size of hair on the beard. The screen was designed to optimize the cutting of the hair follicles. I find that the shaver is quite efficient at it.

This best electric shaver has a very active head (10,000 micro vibrations per minute). The shaver has a swivel head, which goes twice as far as other Braun shavers and that gives you more flexibility. The head also has a locking button and you can simply lock the head when you need to access an area where you want to head to remain straight, like under the nose.

The foil uses the Gillette blade technology and last about 18 months, where after you will need to change it, and an indicator will even tell you when it’s time to replace it. The foil easily pops out so you can easily change it.


One of the nice feature the unit has is the pop-up trimmer, which is especially good if you have sideburns.

LED indicator

A the bottom of the best electric shaver, an LED indicator tells you the battery life and the level of cleanliness of the shaver. The Braun 7-790cc can last up to a week of daily shaving on a full charge.


The base will not only charge the device, but will also clean it. The stand uses the “clean and renew” cleaning product with lemon scented oil that will lubricate the razor blades, with a really nice and refreshing scent. This makes it very convenient. After shaving, all you need to do is to put the shaver back on its stand, hit one button, and it it goes to work to not only charge the battery, but also to sterilize the blades. The stand has different levels of cleaning needed depending on your need – from an eco quick clean to the super duty cleaning. There is also the option of a 20 seconds fast clean.

If you are travelling, there are great options for you. First, the shaver can also be washed under running water, so you don’t need to “clean and renew” you shaver all the time. For charging, you have the option of plugging your charger to the well by taking the cord right out of the base and charging the shaver directly. Plus the shaver comes with a nice hard plastic travel case.


The shaver is made in Germany and have a very good hold and feel to it. So this ends my review of the the Braun 7-790cc electric razor which is probably, in my opinion, the best electric razor I’ve ever owned and gives a nice clean tight shave.


Tip when using this electric shaver:

  • The manufacturer, Braun, recommends to shave before showering or washing your face, has the oil on your face will protects from irritation.
  • Unlike for manual shaving, it is recommend to shave against the grain with the Braun 7-790cc.

Jonathan Willards, for Best Electric Shaver.

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