Turbo Power Philips T980 Beard Trimmer – with vacuum

Men’s favorite : Philips T980 Beard Trimmer

Have you heard about the Philips T980 beard trimmer with power vacuum? This amazing best beard trimmer has received great reviews by men from every generation and from all around the world. Philips T980 beard trimmer is a great trimmer to keep your facial hair perfectly groomed, and its power vacuum makes it mess-free this is guaranteed! Find it here, at a great price!

Philips Norelco T980 Turbo Vacuum Trimmer

Philips T980 trimmer

Features of the Philips T980 beard trimmer

  • The Philips T980 uses the “SteelWave technology” – a revolutionary self-sharpening blade that stays sharp for precise and controlled trim
  • The power vacuum will suck in all the messy hair in a clear chamber before they, saving you from cleaning up after trimming
  • It’s ergonomic design gives you a comfortable experience while trimming
  • The hair chamber (Clearview) allows you to know when it is time to empty it, to keep the performance of the trimmer optimal
  • A charging adaptor and cleaning brush are including in the package

The Philips T980 beard trimmer is more than affordable, and on Amazon, you will find it at a competitive price. So why trim rather than shave? Well, for reasons you probably know about… razor burns, nicks and cuts, skin irritation. This is why trimming is a good alternative if you want to keep a professional and clean look. But watch out for the bad trimmers, that will lack power to cut your thick facial hair, or that will pluck the hair instead of clipping them (ouch!). This Philips trimmer has nothing to envy to the most expensive ones as it is a spectacular product that does not disappoint.

The trimmer is fully equipped to deliver a superior trimming experience, the vacuum with hair deflector keeps it neat and the turbo power enhances the speed of trimming by 30%! The trimmer has a 9 lengths settings, a specialty mini-beard trimmer and comes with a travel pouch, for the travelers.

Some key features to look for when purchasing a beard and mustache trimmer.

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Cordless with a cord feature (to avoid bad surprises when the trimmer is low on charge)
  • Good control over trimming and shaping
  • Ergonomic and easy to hold
  • Affordability

This best cheap beard trimmer package includes : the factory refurbished Philips T980 Beard Trimmer, a travel and storage pouch, and a specialty mini trimmer.


With this Philips best trimmer, you will never feel like going back to daily shaving and you might even wonder why you never tried trimmers earlier. Not only the Philips T980 beard trimmer with vacuum and turbo power are great, but they are also very affordable.

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