Looking for a Nose Hair Trimmer for Women

This is an email I received from a concerned lady.

Question – Looking for a nose hair trimmer for women

Dear N.

I am a little bit embarrassed to write to you about this problem I have as I am not sure how often you hear about this, but I hope you can give me some suggestions. Can I find nose hair trimmer for women? I find that I have quite a bit of hair and I have to cut them. Okay it’s just a small annoyance, but I would like to know if those little hair trimmers we see in magazines or even in tv shows (like the first few episodes of Desperate Housewives with Carlos) are efficient, and if they hurt. And what is the final look?

Thanks in advance,
Regards, self-conscious Lili.


Hi Self-Conscious Lili.

Nose hairs are a common problem in both men and women. Nose hair is actually a normal thing as it protects us against dust and other particles. While having long nose hairs is a common problem in men, several women can also have longer nose hairs. This can become problematic for women as it can affect their self-confidence as well as the image women see of themselves.

Fortunately, you can use nose hair trimmers for women to solve the problem, and they work quite well! Nose hair trimmers for women are easy and quite fast to use. The mechanism of a nose hair trimmer is simple: they cut the nose hairs to eliminate them easily and safely. In only a few minutes they can precisely remove any unwanted hair.

Because they trim rather than pull, there are basically no pain associated with using a nose hair trimmer for women.

Nose hair trimmers for women are usually thin and can even resemble a pen. They are discreet and can even be carried in your purse if you need a quick touch up during the day (or while travelling). They have a rotating guarded blade system so the blades that safely trim unwanted hair along the inside of the nose wall. They are very affordable and can solve your hair problem

Here are three popular models of nose hair trimmers for women.

I recommend

Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Groomer
Panasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Head Facial Groomer
Conair Nose Ear Trimmer
Conair Nose Trimmer
Groom Mate Nose Ear Hair Trimmer
Groom Mate Platinum XL Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

I hope this answers your question and good luck for your search for a nose hair trimmer for women.

N., writer for Best Electric Shaver.

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