3 Best Eyebrow Trimmers

What’s an eyebrow trimmer?

It would be nice if the only hair we had to deal with was on our heads, but the truth is that for most people they’re unhappy with just about all the hair on their body. Many women look for ways to sculpt their eyebrows into sleek, well groomed lines. Unfortunately for most, they usually end up plucking out most of the hair with tweezers and then penciling in their ideal eyebrow shape. With a good trimmer on hand, you should be able get the look you want, while maintaining that soft natural look to your eyebrows. In this post, we’ll describe how to pick out the features you need and identify the best eyebrow trimmer from the junk on the market.

How to choose an eyebrow trimmer

Most of the time, selection between trimmers comes down to quality and feature set. Many eyebrow trimmers come with additional features, allowing you to groom other unwanted hair such as peach fuzz, ear hair and nasal hair, and darker hairs above your lip and on your chin.

Are you just looking for something to help shape your eyebrows, or do you need something to also help remove unwanted hair elsewhere? You’ll have to decide what features you would like (or need) and which you can do without.

What’s the best eyebrow trimmer?

» Best eyebrow trimmer for her

As a lady who’s needed the absolute best eyebrow trimmer (and not to mention other trimmers) to keep her hair at bay, I can easily provide recommendations to some really great trimmers.

Panasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Head Facial GroomerPanasonic ES2113PC Pivoting Head Facial Groomer

This is my absolute favorite, I can certainly attest to the quality and durability of the Pansaonic ES2113PC. It’s a great all around tool to help trim your eyebrows, since it’s lightweight and has a small pivoting head that follows the grooves and contours of your face closely. I’ve found that many shavers often pluck the hairs out instead of cutting them, but this one does a wonderful job. Even better, it can be used in a pinch to trim other areas like your bikini line since it’s so sensitive on your skin.

» Best eyebrow trimmer for him

Guys, we did not forget about you. You will love the following:

Perfect Detail Precision Trimmer
Perfect Detail Precision Trimmer with 2 Heads & Combs
Andis 13430 Platinum Personal Trimmer
Andis 13430 Platinum Personal Trimmer

These are two fantastic trimmers as well, as they can be used anywhere on your body. Wahl and Panasonic make eyebrow trimmers as well, but unfortunately, they don’t seem to have been able to make brow trimmers as good as they do for beard trimmers. Overall though, both the Perfect Detail Precision trimmer and the Andis 13430 Platinum trimmer are stylish and slender trimmers, perfect for touching up your eyebrows.

By Nat, for Best Electric Shaver.

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