5 O’Clock Shadow: Best Beard Trimmer for Stubble

Lose the 5 o’clock stubble…

What’s in fashion right now?

Robert Downey Jr 2

Your can forget about the clean metrosexual look, that’s yesterday’s news. Today’s look is a stronger, more masculine look, with just a little bit of an ‘edge’. Actors are all sporting the designer stubble look, guys like Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, and Colin Ferrell. Even more baby-faced actors like Leonardo Di Caprio are growing a little stubble. It tends to give their faces a more angular look, a more mature look. It can create hard angles from soft cheeks and help minimize a soft chin. It’s not hard to see why this trend has made a comeback.

How do I get designer stubble?

Unfortunately, it’s not really a case of just “stop shaving”, because that doesn’t really do much to get the look and keep it. You could, but you’d just end up with a scraggly beard, not a nice layer of stubble. To get that nice 5 o’clock shadow takes time and dedication.

You really need to have the right tools to maintain it, starting with the a good trimmer. Many shaver companies have developed stubble specific trimmers that are absolutely perfect for getting that cool designer stubble look. We’ve reviewed a few and can provide some suggestions of what we consider the best beard trimmer for stubble, based on price, value, and quality.

So what is the best beard trimmer for stubble?

This is a difficult choice, deciding which could be considered the best beard trimmer for stubble. There are quite a few good trimmers on the market, and most will do the job pretty satisfactory. When it comes down to it though, you want a trimmer that provides you with an easy experience, meaning you don’t have to go back and touch it up every day to maintain the look you want. Additionally, it should be versatile, letting you choose the stubble length. Maybe you want to go for that slightly wilder 3-day stubble, instead of the cleaner 5 o’clock shadow. Some trimmers will allow you incredible precision, down to under a millimeter.

Here are a few of our top choices to help get you started:

1) Philps Norelco QT4021 Stubble Trimmer

2) Wahl Revolution Beard Trimmer

3)Norelco Trimmer Vaccum Superior Trim T780

For more information about trimmers, visit Best Electric Shaver now.

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