Braun Oral B Vitality Electric Toothbrush

Braun Oral-b Vitality Precision Clean ToothbrushBraun Oral B Vitality Electric Toothbrush

Many people believe that the most expensive an item is, the better it is. While it can be the case sometimes, in most cases, cheap can be just as good. For example, the Braun Oral B Vitality electric toothbrush is a well rated electric toothbrush that cost barely more than a manual toothbrush. Braun Oral B is a well known and recognize brand for dental care, and that is recommended by dentists from around the world.

Reduction of gingivitis by over 60%

The Braun Oral B Vitality Electric Toothbrush can reduce occurrence of gingivitis by over 60%, leaving you with healthier gums. Also, many consumers have reported that they have seen their cavities have been nonexistent since they started using the toothbrush. The Braun Oral B Vitality electric toothbrush has in integrated timer, a pulsating signal that will let you know that the two recommended minutes have been reached, a feature that is typically found on more expensive toothbrushes. This rechargeable toothbrush will last you up to 5 days of brushing and has a 3 years warranty.

FlexiSoft and Indictor

The Oral B Vitality will get the hard to reach areas much more easily, leaving you with the clean sensation of an after-dentist cleaning. The brushhead, the FlexiSoft, is compact and round. Because of its compact size and the light weight of this electric toothbrush, the Braun Oral B Vitality electric toothbrush can be used by children or adults. The brushhead does a great job at cleaning the interdental tips and the high oscillating speed will remove every little bit of residues. Make sure that you replace the brushhead every 3 months to ensure maximum efficiency. As a reminder, the Indictor bristles will fade away, letting you know that it is about time to change the head of the brush.

Reviews do not lie : this product sells for a tenth of the price of a high end product, but delivers quality brushing and cleaning and consumers are simply delighted with their purchase. Easy to use and affordable, make yourself the gift of a gingivitis, plaque and cavities free visit at the dentist.

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